Hi. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Brian Utterback, and I live in Nashua, New Hampshire. I have been working in the computing industry for 33 years and counting. My first job was as a computer tape librarian at a company called “Proprietary Computer Systems”, back when “proprietary” was a good thing. I have watched computers go from something almost nobody had, to something a company paid another company to let them use, to something a company has, to something your saved up to buy, to something you replaced as soon as possible because it was always obsolete, to something you had two of, one for home and one you took with you, to something you keep with you at all times and use to communicate with the world. I am using one to communicate with you right now.

I have worked on embedded microprocessors and Supercomputers.

I have a wonderful wife and three great kids.

What else would you like to know?


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