Edward Tufte and the Sun Storage Series 7000

Paul Murphy over at ZDNet writes about the thing that I find most interesting about the Sun Storage Series 7000, namely the Storage analytics. I have a been a long time fan of Edward Tufte. He is the visualization guru that has advocated communication ability over form for many years. I own all four of his books on the subject of data visualization.

The ability to easily communicate the important parts of the message is paramount to any good presentation. How often have you seen PowerPoint presentations that used background gradients and animations to create pizazz which did nothing to help convey the message, or worse, actually obscured it? Far too often I am sure. (Did you know that they teach PowerPoint in grade school now, with exactly the opposite grading scale that they should?)

Well, as Paul Murphy says, one of the most exciting parts of the Sun Storage Series 7000 product line is the ability to easily and quickly visualize what is happening inside the system, in real time. This is something that is totally unprecedented in the storage market, and should make the SSS7000 line the most compelling storage offering available.


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