It’s finally here! Introducing the Sun Storage 7000!

The eagerly awaited Sun Storage Series 7000 is finally available. This product is something very special and promises to be a game changer in the storage market.

My personal involvement in the development of this product is…none. I wish I had been involved, but all I contributed was a growing sense of excitement. It started shortly after Solaris 10 was released. All of the big names involved in Dtrace and ZFS were pulled off of their projects to go to work on a special, super-secret project. My own colleague Chandan (best known externally as the developer of the source code browser opengrok) went as well. Poof! All disappeared. All of the rising stars of Sun.

So, over the next couple of years, all we heard were bits and pieces of rumors and the occasional actual information released. The project changed its code name once. Then there was some info that the project was storage related. That it was originally designed to fill a price-point gap in the storage market, but quickly grew to be something much more. That it leveraged ZFS, Dtrace and other cool technologies to completely change the way storage is used and administered. It just got more and more exciting.

And now the wait is over. In the last month or two, the info finally came out in full. And I have to say that it was well worth the wait. It combines all of these technologies to make the administration of your storage to simpler with unprecedented levels of observability (That’s the simplification of administration of ZFS combined with observability of Dtrace). It uses the latest advances in storage hardware to get unprecedented cost-performance levels. Truly a product that is a worthy follow on to Solaris 10, and something that has the potential of getting Sun Microsystems technology back on the minds of IT managers everywhere. Just a fantastic job. Congratulations to everybody that helped make this product into a reality.

If you want to find out more about the Sun Storage Series 7000, you can look at the link I gave above, but at a more personal level, you can read the blog entries of the team that made it all possible. Just follow the links available here: By the way, that was the name we knew it as at first, “Fishworks”. It later became known as “Amber Road”. And now it is the “Sun Storage Series 7000”. But whatever name it uses, the name does not do it justice. It is just too cool.


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