That time of the decade again.

Today is my birthday, and I had to go down and get my driver’s license renewed. (I won’t say how old I am. Suffice it to say that this birthday is divisible by 10, and I remember where I was when Neil Armstrong…’nuff said).

It wasn’t too bad. The place was crawling with 16 year olds getting their first license, but they had a line reserved for renewals so that us old geezers didn’t have to wait too long. Much better here in New Hampshire than it was when I used to live in Massachusetts. The RMV in MA has served as a model of inefficiency for rest of the nation since cars were invented. The RMV was even worse than the DMV in CA, where I got my first license.

Oh well, at least I won’t have to go back for a few more years. They better hurry up with those flying cars, or I won’t be able to qualify for the license once they start shipping. What would you do to get a flying car?


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