George Carlin died.

I am stunned. I can’t believe it. I just read that George Carlin died yesterday.

I remember buying his albums when I was a kid. I used to know all of the routines on those albums by heart. Just last night, as I put my daughter to bed, I quoted one of his routines: “Tonight’s forecast–dark, with continued dark followed by widely scattered light in the morning.” That’s how much George Carlin affected my life, even to this day.

We need people like him, the “Class Clown”, the “Foole” that makes us laugh and makes us think at the same time. He could look at life’s absurdities and see them for what they were, and then make you realize just how absurd they really were. I will miss him terribly.


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  1. Posted by Tim on June 23, 2008 at 9:52 am

    He will be missed bigtime. I never thought of him as a class clown. His early humor was always linguistic and thought provoking in nature. His later routines were more along the rant lines but still funny as hell.
    Anytime something happens that makes me angry because I am powerless to stop the stupid crap I think about his line "they got you by the balls man!". Then I just smile and laugh. I always feel much better and less annoyed.


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