Obligatory Star Wars story.

I know I am a few days late for Star Wars’ 30th anniversary, but my story is from a few days before Star Wars was released so it balances out.

The first is that I had tickets to a pre-release screening to Star Wars. I don’t know exactly why I got them, but one day I got an envelope in the mail with two tickets to a pre-release screening. It probably had something to do with my then being a member of LASFS. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go because I had a mid-term the next day and I had to study. I don’t think the screening was free, so I didn’t think of giving the tickets to somebody else. And of course, although we all knew that the movie was “Star Wars”, we didn’t know that it was “Star Wars”, if you see what I mean. I never threw the tickets away, so they probably are worth something to somebody on Ebay. Unfortunately, I left them in a box in my parents house when I moved out, so unless that box is still in the closet in my old room I suspect that they are long gone. I never remember to check when I visit my father and since it is 3000 miles away I certainly don’t make a special trip for it.

The other thing is more of a memory than a story. I remember seeing the trailer for the first time in the theaters and of course I was suitably impressed. The thing I remember most clearly about the trailer though is the scene where Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi see each other for the first time in many years and draw their light sabers. The POV is from Vader and all you see is Obi-Wan drawing his saber and the saber growing to full length; you can’t see Vader at all. I remember loving the light saber instantly, but of course I had no idea who Obi-Wan was. He has a bit of a smile on his face, so I thought he was menacing the hero. That’s right, I thought Obi-Wan was a bad guy. So there you have it, apparently I am a very poor judge of character. I didn’t recognize Alec Guiness at the time, although I already adored many of his movies. Kind Hearts and Coronets is one of my favorites, for instance. Of course, many years later Obi-Wan once again has some interesting issues. For instance,
I don’t think I can view him in the same way in Episodes 1-3 since I saw Ewan McGregor playing a heroin addict in Trainspotting.


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