Three years and counting.

It hard to believe that it has been three years since went live. Now to be sure, I didn’t start blogging myself for a bit over a month after that. My first blog entry was on June 10, 2004., so my personal three year anniversary isn’t for a little while. But it just doesn’t seem like it could be so long ago.

Sun has had its turnaround, and I think that the blogging had something to do with it. A whole new level of transparency has been adopted here, and that translates to a certain level of confidence from customers. They know what to expect, there are no surprises.</p

Well, I shouldn’t say no surprises; we do occasionally manage to keep cool new stuff under wraps long enough surprise and delight our customers. But all of our roadmaps are there for you to see. You can make long term plans.

Sun wasn’t the first company to have its employees blogging, but I think we were one of the first that saw the potential of blogging, certainly the largest one to do so that early. Some companies still don’t get it, they monitor the blogs closely. At Sun, we feel free to criticize things we disagree with, because if we think something, it is a good bet that somebody outside thinks that way too. Instead of getting fired, we get a discussion going. Other employees will offer rebuttals and an open dialog ensues. What better way to correct a misconception than through reasonable discourse?

So, what else can I say? Happy Anniversary!


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