Liar, Liar, LIar

I hate it when politicians and journalists (and anyone else for that matter) lie to us. It drives me crazy. I recently had to turn off my car radio because I got so mad.

This week Senator John Kerry made a poorly worded remark. It was poorly worded because, taken out of context it appeared to disparage the fine Americans who do and did serve in the military. (Remember, Kerry is one of them) In fact, he meant to disparage the intelligence of our President, an American pastime of long standing tradition.

Well, the press had a field day with it, saying how insulting Kerry has been to the military, and calling for him to apologize. By this time he had explained what he really meant. But this did not
stop the criticisms. I even heard an interview with the journalist that broke the story. He said
he was amazed that none of the reporters that were there made anything of it. Of course not! In
context it is obvious what he meant.

The thing that makes me nuts is that it continues to be a big deal. I have continued to hear about how Kerry thinks that the members of military are morons. At first they played the quote itself. Then they paraphrased what they thought the remark meant, as if that was what he actually said. The closest thing to a nod to reality I heard was one commentator said that even though it wasn’t what he meant, it was really how Kerry felt, which is rather speculative, since Kerry denies it.

I mean, come one. Isn’t there enough to debate in the world that we don’t have to make stuff up? It’s as if I said “one plus one plus one equals three” and I was recorded and someone plays back “one plus one equals three” and claims that I think 1+1=3! What’s the point of continuing the discussion about 1+1=3?

And it is not like this is abnormal. It happens all the time, usually more subtly though. I used to have a lot of respect for Al Gore, until I saw his propaganda movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”. It is
full of half-truths and distortions and even the odd out-right lie. Now, I truly believe that Al Gore is sincere about his motives and goals, but I also believe that despite his good intentions, he fully knows about those lies and distortions, but thinks it is for “our own good”.

Can’t we just stop it!? Kerry didn’t mean what you thought, stop going on as if he did. Let’s talk about the environment using facts, not scare tactics. Is this really the only possible result of democracy and technology, that nothing matters more deeply than the sound bite?

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Marco Walther on November 9, 2006 at 2:31 pm

    You probably have references for your remarks about the the Al Gore movie? Would you mind sharing them?
    Otherwise you’re not better than what you critique.


  2. Are you a sceptic on the “Global Warming” science itself (which is a pretty extreme position) or are you saying that Al Gore presents the case poorly. The articles I read in the “New Scientist” which is a reputable general science magazine in the UK argue that the facts are well established and the significant question is how we act to minimize the consequences of climate change.


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