Using ZFS on a USB mass storage device.

In preparation for OSCON, I have been trying to set up ZFS on my laptop so I can do some demo’s at the Sun booth. I installed build 43 of Nevada, so I am running the latest stable bits. I then found Artem’s blog on using ZFS with USB Mass Storage.

I just wanted to document for anyone else that it is no longer necessary to modify the scsa2usb.conf file. If you attempt to do it as outlined in the blog, you get nasty error messages about invalid values for “removable”.

The USB driver now looks at the “removable” bit that the device provides, which relate to whether or not it has removable media, not whether or not the device itself is removable, since all USB devices are removable. As long as the device correctly sets this bit, it should work with ZFS without any changes.



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  1. Brian, I also found Artem’s blog entry very useful. I used a USB drive with zfs for about 6(?) months. Since then, I have been using a 2nd internal drive on my toshiba tecra m2 so I don’t have to deal with cabling. And the internal is faster …
    I still use the USB drive to backup my data.


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