Sun works on energy efficient servers, HP takes a different approach.

As you are no doubt aware if you are a Sun watcher at all, we recently introduced the T1000 and T2000 servers which use our
CoolThreads technology to make them much more energy efficient.

Sun is commited to energy efficiency, both because it lowers data center operating costs and because it is good for the environment. I happen to be a global warming skeptic, but you don’t have to be a tree hugger to know that reducing the energy consumption of your systems to less than that of a night light has got to be a good idea.

Any way, Hewlett Packard apparently has opted for a slightly different approach. Instead of making their systems more energy efficient, they are working on
super-high-tech jet engine cooling fans!

Of course, putting higher capacity cooling systems on a server actually makes the power consumed increase, not go down. Some how, I just don’t think that HP “gets it”.



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  1. In what way are you a “global warming skeptic”? Do you not believe that the danger is real or are you reacting to the politicization of the issue? I suspect from the remainder of your blog entry that its perhaps the second, in which case, I’d aver that you are perhaps not a global warming skeptic at all, but one who’s unconvinced of what its effects are.


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