OpenSolaris NTP Project started

Rainer Orth and I have just started an NTP Project for OpenSolaris

Our goal is to improve Solaris NTP support by

  • replacing the NTP daemon and utilities (based on the ancient xntp3 5.93e)
    by current NTP 4.2.2.
  • improve NTP kernel support by upgrading the old kernel code to
  • implement the PPS API natively.

and whatever else is necessary to restore Solaris as a primary platform for
NTP deployment.

Back in 2001, Rainer started working on integrating nanokernel and
implementing the PPS API natively, based on the Solaris 8 Foundation Source
that was available for download for a short time. He both ran out of time
to further pursue this, and the license practically precluded any open
discussion on issues with the code. This has now been resolved by
OpenSolaris, so we hope that it will be much easier to make progress.

The project will concentrate on the Solaris specific aspects of the
integration. We have every intention to bring any necessary changes into
the upstream codebase to minimize or hopefully eliminate any divergence
between the two.

A longer list of work items can be found on the project home page above.

Discussions will be held on

Come and join us to discuss any issues with Solaris NTP support. Generic
NTP discussions and issues with the reference implementation should of
course still be held on comp.protocols.time.ntp or here on hackers.

topic:[opensolaris ntp]
topic:[solaris ntp]


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