So, that’s why they invented the wheel.

Recently, my youngest son, Joshua, asked us when the wheel was invented. My wife and I attempted to answer, trying to remember and figure it out.

Well, oddly enough, the answer is in this month’s Scientific American Magazine, in a book review of The Looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad : The Lost Legacy of Ancient Mesopotamia. It turns out that we both guessed wrongly by thousands of years. A little more research on the web showed that the wheel was invented about 5500 years ago, shortly after writing.

Oddly enough, the wheel came shortly after plywood and roads, and somewhat after beer. So, we can draw the obvious conclusion that all of these inventions were made for beer delivery. Writing was clearly designed to help keep track of your beer tab.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That just has to be the correct chronology. Excellent.

    Co-incidentally, one UK TV channel has just re-created 3 kinds of early beer:

    Inca maize beer (2%); Mead (5%); and Pharaonic barley beer (a staggering 10%).

    With beer like that, you’d need to be wheeled around……


  2. Since the comments are disabled for the C pointer post I am wiriting my comments here.
    All I had to do was paste the code in emacs and the syntax highlighting did the rest :).
    Nice, title for your blog. I am reading the foundation series currently and I enjoy it enormously.


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