Who’s that guy? No wait, it isn’t him!

I recently was admiring one of the new Sun “Share” campaign ads in Computerworld. Have you seen the ads yet? They consist of six Sun or Sun related people each holding a placard with the new “Sun Curve” shape on each side. They each have their names below them in case you don’t know who they are. Each ad has a different theme.

The thing is, the latest one that I have seen has a “Wall Street” theme. Two of the people are AMD execs, and three of the people are Sun employees. But there is one person (the only one dressed really nicely) with no name, with just the caption “Wall Street Financial Analyst” and nothing else, no name, nothing. So I said to myself, “Who is this guy? Am I supposed to know him?” How odd, I thought.

So, I figured I would blog about it. But I figured I better have a link to show my readers or they wouldn’t know
what I was talking about. So, I go to the Sun web page that covers the campaign, and sure enough, there is the
same picture. But it isn’t exactly the same. Since this is the web, the ad replaced the static placards with
animation of a stock ticker. But then I looked closer. The financial analyst is still there, but it is a different guy! Still no name and now not even the title, but still in a nice suit. What’s up with that?


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