How to really get started with NetBeans and Tivo

I just downloaded the latest version of Netbeans, namely the
NetBeans IDE 4.1 beta
for Sparc. Since I recently got a Tivo system and
Tivo recently released a Java SDK for it, I thought I might try my hand
at making a Tivo application. On the Netbeans site, I found a very nice
getting started
article. The only thing is, once I did all the things it
said in the article, it didn’t work.

I then did a little googling around, and found a slight
modification to the instructions
by someone who was having the same
problem I was having. This solved the problem. I was all set. Or so I

I wanted to get started, so I tried to view the Javadocs for the SDK. No
such luck. So, here is my contribution to the process. After following
both sets of instructions I gave above, then go to the “Tools” menu,
select the “Library Manager” (this is just like what you did to add the
SDK and simulator in the first set of instructions). This time, in the
Library Manager, select the Tivo library on the left pane and select the
Javadoc tab, and once more press the Add button (only this time it says
“Add Zip/Folder”). This time drill down into the docs folder of the HME
distribution, and you will see a zip file. Click on it and then press
the OK button at the bottom. That’s all there is to it, now you have the
Javadocs available.


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