What’s you Nerd score?

I am nerdier than 90% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


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  1. <hr>
    All hail the monstrous nerd.
    Gee, I scored a 99 out of 100.
    I am a Nerd God

    Firstly, I happen to know a fair amount about James Clerk Maxwell and have actually been able to use solution techniques for ODEs to give me a result of Einsteins famous equation.

    Of course the actual result of solving for the speed of an electromagnetic wave in free space results in an equation that has the form of E=MC^2 but you just know it when you see it. The dielectric constant of a vacuum comes into play also if I remember correctly.

    Oh, and yes I noticed her ears and yes I have built a computer and spend a LOT of time in front of a computer.

    I am a nerd. Cool.


  2. <hr>
    And I did the money lover test and failed horribly. I got a 13. So low that I was insulting and the test told me that I have neither ambition nor any interest in being rich. Also, I will die poor as will my children.

    Well, isn’t that nice :-\


    ps: I was surprised that the nerd test did not include a question about HTML or CSS.


  3. <hr>
    Okay, I’ll stop filling up your blog.

    But these tests are kinda fun.

    I scored a 22 on the spoiled brat test.

    The results were as follows :

    What does this mean?
    Spoiled is not even in your dictionary.
    We feel sorry that you have lived such a
    deprived life. Do yourself a favor and buy
    something for yourself, RIGHT NOW!
    Don't delay!

    I guess I could spend some money on myself sometime and buy some nice ice cream. I’ll have to eat it out of the house though or I will feel guilty if the kids see me with ice cream.

    Heck, its winter. I want coffee.



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