An interesting weekend.

I had an interesting weekend. I was voted on to my
board of directors.

This wasn’t unexpected as I had been asked if I would serve several
weeks ago, but it was a surprise then because up until then I hadn’t
been very active in the temple. Still, it was an opportunity that I
didn’t want to pass up. I have always regretted not being more involved
at the temple. We have been members now for quite a few years, and I am
just getting to the point that I know most of the more prominent members
by sight.

One of the things that made it interesting was that the vote was done at
the annual temple meeting (sort of like a stock holders meeting). For
logistic reasons, my 10 year old son accompanied me to the meeting. His
eyes lit up when we arrived and he saw that there was coffee cake and
bagels provided. In any case, this was probably his first introduction
to the inner workings of adult institutions. We had our share of people
that you might characterize in the “there’s one in every crowd”
category. Some people thought that the financial report was too
detailed; others thought that wasn’t detailed enough. There was one
lively argument about “full disclosure” that I thought was about
conflicts of interest amongst the board of directors, but actually
turned out to be a complaint about the stagnation of the membership on
the board and active members. (you know, same people in different
positions. I was given as a counter example)

Anyway, in the end all the votes were carried unanimously, with one
abstention, (one member abstaining on all votes, apparently on
principle, although I am sure I don’t know why) including the vote that
confirmed the new board members, myself included.

When we left, my son told me that he enjoyed the meeting and wanted to
be on the board when he grew up. Since he had just refilled his plate
with coffee cake, I suspect I know why.



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